Secondary Curriculum

The key component to our district-wide efforts to consistently improve the education for all of our students is the absolute necessity for our teachers to have and use a “guaranteed and viable curriculum”.


In researching what works in schools, Robert Marzano (2003) found five school-level factors that promote student achievement. Ultimately, Marzano concluded that a guaranteed and viable curriculum is the most powerful school-level factor in determining overall student achievement.

If we truly have a “GVC” it means that, in our schools (Robert Marzano, 2003):

No matter who teaches a given course or grade level, we guarantee that topics identified in the curriculum will be covered in every class.

The content that teachers are expected to address can be covered in the time available. Every student, in every class, every day, will be taught the same essential knowledge and skills (TEKS).

Lockhart ISD currently utilizes a systematic K-12 curriculum model designed, maintained and continuously developed by various Education Service Center personnel along with district educators throughout Texas. The purpose is to provide a common language, structure and process for curriculum development. The curriculum model is designed to align the written, taught and tested curriculum and is inclusive of research and best practices mentioned in the work of Drucker, Demming, English, Wiggins, Erickson, Guskey, Marzano, Feurstein and Jacobs. Each year the documents will continue to be aligned to the TEKS utilizing the continuous improvement process as a model for the resources offered to member districts.

The curriculum components based on best practice models from top researchers. Lessons are all aligned with the TEKS/TAKS and each lesson meets the highest standards of rigor, relevance and student engagement.

At the heart of our curriculum process is a guaranteed and viable curriculum in which content area experts ensure quality through a process of continual review.
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