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Like clockwork, every year I hear it.   "Ms. Schaible, you're crazy!"  and "Why are you always happy?"  I don't know; I can't help myself.  But I'll tell you--I really do know.  My response to the students is always the same, "Would you rather I be happy and energetic or grumpy and moody? There are two ways to face the day...mad or happy, and I opt for the latter."

So, what do you think about me so far? And yes, I have been accused of being bubbly, energetic, and way too literal; but no one is perfect, certainly not me.   Enough about that; let's get to the juicy part--my past.  I consider myself a Texan, although I was born in the northeast. Most of my early years were spent in Pennsylvania, until 1984 when my parents divorced and I moved to Texas. Central Texas has been my home since 1991, when my family moved to San Marcos. The purple and white Striking Rattlers of San Marcos is my high school alma mater with the maroon and gold Bobcats of Texas State University rounding out my secondary education. 

September of 2001, I married my husband Christopher whom had recently joined the military…not good for a newbie bride and what happened two days after our wedding.  December of 2001, I graduated from Texas State with a BA in English and a minor in Medieval-Renaissance studies with teaching certification. I then spent the next four years in Ohio supporting my husband and the US Air Force. In the spring of 2005 I returned to Central Texas and began teaching at my alma mater. After one year in San Marcos, I decided to accept a teaching position at Lockhart...where I have been ever since. 

More recently I’ve devoted many hours outside of class supporting the local Gaslight Baker Theatre. I’ve graced the stage a few times (It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio PlayOur TownVaudeville season 3Rex's ExesBecause Their Hearts Were Pure,  The Odd Couple: Female Version, and Suite Surrender), but mostly I help actors and production backstage as stage manager, and I occasionally assistant direct . The arts (music, art, theater, literature, dance) have always been important to me and I truly believe they have molded me and my growth as an individual. The more people are exposed to the arts, the more connected they are to life while expanding their views of the world.

I am committed to doing everything I can for my students to be successful and would love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to call or e-mail me for any reason! Just drop a message into my inbox by clicking on my e-mail address next to my photo or pick up a phone. Sadly, this is my classroom number, so don’t bother texting me--I’ll never get them.

One final note, I'm crazy busy on campus.  Not only do I have three English preps, I'm the English Department Lead, co-coordinator for UIL Academics, and coach Ready Writing, Literary Criticism, and possibly Journalism.  I believe that's all, but I could be mistaken.  Talk about tired.

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Sondra Schaible
AP Eng 3 Lang and Comp, English 4, AP Eng 4 Lit and Comp
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